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What We Do

The goal of the US Deprescribing Research Network (USDeN) is to develop and disseminate evidence about deprescribing for older adults, and in doing so to help improve medication use among older adults and the outcomes that are important to them.  Funded by the US National Institute on Aging, the network is a community of people united by a shared interest in improving research on deprescribing for older adults.  The network’s key activities are designed to provide resources and supports that will catalyze expansion of the quality, quantity, and ultimate impact of deprescribing research, and to promote mutual learning and collaboration that is essential to this goal.  Network activities are oriented around 4 cores and a series of working groups:

Investigator Development Core

This core organizes activities to provide education and collaboration around deprescribing research, with a special focus on the needs of early-stage investigators. Core activities include an annual meeting of network members, webinars, works-in-progress seminars and intensives for junior investigators, and providing small grants to promote collaboration and local research projects.

Pilot and Exploratory Studies Core

This core funds and supports pilot and exploratory studies and large-grant planning awards related to deprescribing for older adults.

Stakeholder Engagement Core

This core supports engagement of patients, caregivers, and health system stakeholders with various activities of the network so that the resulting research is maximally responsive to their priorities and needs.

Data and Resources Core

This core facilitates access to research data, research resources relevant to deprescribing, expert consultations, and use of existing electronic health record data for deprescribing research.

Working Groups

The network supports 4 working groups that will synthesize existing research and develop new tools for deprescribing  research, including identifying high-priority targets for deprescribing, optimizing measurement tools and using electronic health data in deprescribing research, and optimizing communication around deprescribing.

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