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Amy Linsky, MD, MSc

USDeN Measures Working Group, Junior Investigator Intensive Mentor

Boston, Massachusetts

Associate Professor of Medicine
Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine

Clinical Investigator & Advanced Fellowship Co-Director, Center for Healthcare Organization and Implementation Research (CHOIR) & New England Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Center (GRECC)
VA Boston Healthcare System

Boston, Massachusetts

Dr. Linsky’s interest in deprescribing stemmed from clinical experience and interest in behavior change. “I have a ‘less is more’ approach to clinical practice, and I’m particularly intrigued on how to get people to ‘un-learn’ something,” she says.

An active and engaged member of our network, Dr. Linsky presented updates in deprescribing research with Dr. Kristin Zimmerman at the 2020, 2022, and 2023 USDeN Annual Meetings. Also, she participated in USDeN’s Measures Working Group from 2019 to 2022.She was part of the Junior Investigator Initiative as a mentor for the 2022 cohort.  Moreover, many of these activities resulted in valuable and informative publications.

Reflecting on these collaborations, Dr. Linsky shared that USDeN offers members “an amazing energy and catalyzes ideas, allowing for creativity and problem-solving. The collective knowledge and global connections are ideal for professional growth. It’s a friendly and encouraging community with a common purpose and inclination for collaboration rather than competition.”

Recent Research

Deprescribing Medications Among Patients with Multiple Prescribers: A Socioecological Model

Recommendations for outcome measurement for deprescribing intervention studies

A narrative review of updates in deprescribing research


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