Our Partners

Check out our organizational partners, who do great work on deprescribing and related topics in older adults.

Partners Focused on Deprescribing

Bruyère Research Institute

  • Great resource for tools to help patients and providers participate in deprescribing, including evidence-based guidelines for how and when to deprescribe commonly-used medications. Also a resource for information about ongoing and completed deprescribing initiatives and research projects in Canada

Canadian Deprescribing Network

  • Dissemination and practice improvement network at the cutting edge of creative and effective work. Helpful resources for patients, too.

Australian Deprescribing Network

  • Follow them on @DeprescribeAU
  • Community of researchers and clinicians working together to improve deprescribing scholarship and practice.

English Deprescribing Network

  • Network to share ideas, best practices, and learnings to potentially shape policy and drive change across organizations.

Lown Institute Medication Overload Initiative

  • Initiative to increase awareness of and promote solutions to medication overuse

VA Center for Medication Safety in Aging

  • For more information, contact: [email protected]
  • Research collaborative for deprescribing for older veterans.

Team Alice

The mission of TeamAlice.org is to provide patients and caregivers, providers and health systems with tools to protect seniors from medication harm, particularly sustained deprescribing.

Geriatric Research Instrument Library (GRIL)

An internet-based repository designed to provide information and resources about measurement instruments frequently used by researchers in aging.

Partners Focused on Related Topics

AGING Initiative

  • Partnership to bridge the Health Care Systems Research Network (HCSRN) with the Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Centers (OAIC) to nurture and advance an interdisciplinary research agenda focused on older adults with multiple chronic conditions (MCCs).

NIDUS Delirium Network

  • Multidisciplinary network to advance scientific discovery in delirium research

Palliative Care Research Cooperative

  • Interdisciplinary research community committed to advancing rigorous palliative care science and improving care for people with serious illness.

Pepper Center (OAIC) Network

  • Consortium of NIH-funded research centers focused on increasing scientific knowledge that allows older adults to maintain or restore their independence

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