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Consultation Service for Deprescribing Research

The US Deprescribing Research Network will match junior and senior investigators to content experts for a free, 1-hour phone consultation. Experts are available to assist investigators with issues of planning, designing, and executing research related to deprescribing.

Guiding Questions:

This is not a comprehensive list but provides examples of the types of consultations that are often most helpful.

  1. How should I think about which measures of effectiveness to use in my deprescribing study?
  2. How do I engage stakeholders?
  3. How should I approach safety monitoring for my pilot/larger trial?
  4. I need advice on specific datasets that I am considering using for my deprescribing study, that are new to me/new to my institution.
  5. How do I make a case for doing deprescribing research in a field that has limited research in this area?
"The consultation was extremely helpful. It provided a novel perspective on approaching clinician behavior change that has directly influenced my future plans for developing a deprescribing related intervention."
Timothy Anderson, MD MAS
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

More general needs such as finding a mentor or getting started in research are less well-suited for a 1-hour telephone consultation.  For such needs, please see our list of resources.



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