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Deprescribing Interventions: Learnings from an Overview of Systematic Reviews

August 9, 2022 | 2PM ET / 11AM PT
Presenter: Dr. Shelly Gray, Pharm.D, MS, AGSF, FASCP is Professor and Endowed Director of the Plein Center for Geriatric Pharmacy Research, Education and Outreach at the University of Washington, School of Pharmacy, and the USDeN High-Value Targets Working Group Leader.

Rigorous evidence to guide deprescribing is limited, and priorities to inform deprescribing research and practice remain unclear. Further, it is not known if there are medication targets or patient groups that are most likely to yield the greatest benefit in improving outcomes to inform allocation of limited healthcare resources.   This study, funded as part of the US Deprescribing Research Network (USDeN), is novel in that it is the first overview of systematic reviews that has collated deprescribing research conducted in older adults. 

Upon completion of this presentation, attendees should be able to:

  • Understand the approach and rationale to conducting an overview of systematic reviews.
  • Discuss the results as it relates to vulnerable subgroups, medication-related and downstream outcomes.
  • Describe opportunities to enhance future deprescribing research


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