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Eliminating Medication Overload: A National Action Plan from the Lown Institute

Medication overload is an epidemic among older Americans. Every day, 750 Americans age 65 and over are hospitalized for a side effect caused by one more medications.  

To eliminate medication overload, significant cultural, educational, and policy changes are needed. The Lown Institute has just released Eliminating Medication Overload: A National Action Plan, with recommendations for reducing medication overload across five categories:

  • Implement “prescription checkups,” medication reviews that give patients and clinicians opportunities to deprescribe (discontinue or reduce the dose) appropriately.
  • Raise awareness about medication overload among patients, clinicians, and the general public.
  • Improve information at the point of care.
  • Educate and train health professionals to recognize medication overload and deprescribe.
  • Reduce pharmaceutical industry influence.

Read the full action plan for all of the recommendations, or check out their issue briefs that summarize each action plan category!

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