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Kieran Dalton, PhD

Junior Investigator Intensive Program Scholar


Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy

University College Cork, Ireland

Speaking about the benefits of participating in our network as a participant in our Junior Investigator Intensive Program, Dr. Dalton said, “USDeN has exposed me to new research collaborators, who can help me become an international leader in deprescribing research.” He enjoys the opportunity to have rich discussions with international researchers who are all highly interested in deprescribing, and learning from their different perspectives and methodological expertise.

Pointing to a prime example of how such discussions can lead to research, Dr. Dalton said, “I have collaborated with Lisa McCarthy (who was an USDeN JII scholar in 2020-2021) as part of the iKASCADE project, where we have been reminded of the importance of having international teams as we discussed how countries’ differences in gender norms and climate can affect prescribing.”

Recent Research

Exploring physician gender bias in the initiation of prescribing cascades for older men and women: a qualitative clinical vignette study protocol

ThinkCascades: A Tool for Identifying Clinically Important Prescribing Cascades Affecting Older People


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