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Marcio Galvão Oliveira, PhD

Junior Investigator Intensive Program Scholar

Bahia, Brazil

Associate Professor

Federal University of Bahia, Brazil

“I am part of the JII Program, and it has been an incredible experience!” Dr. Galvão, a participant in our Junior Investigator Intensive Program, says he enjoys the collaboration and “exchange of ideas and experiences with USDEN colleagues,” which allows him to improve ideas for implementing deprescribing projects in Brazil. “JII has allowed me to learn about the experiences of different deprescribing researchers, and this has given me different views on study designs on deprescribing,” he says.

Dr. Galvão chose a career as a pharmacist because of the possibility of improving people’s health conditions, and achieving this goal brings him much joy. He adds, “The inappropriate prescription and use of medications have always motivated me to look for alternatives to reduce these problems. I have worked with elderly patients who understand that reducing the number of medications used can benefit their clinical condition as they reduce the risk of adverse effects and that many medications are unnecessary or indicated to treat their health problems.”

He recently teamed up with USDEN colleagues to conduct deprescribing research, and we look forward to the team’s findings.

Recent Research

Using a mobile application to reduce potentially inappropriate prescribing for older Brazilian adults in primary care: a triple-blind randomised clinical trial

Optimizing Hypertension Treatment in Older Patients Through Home Blood Pressure Monitoring by Pharmacists in Primary Care: The MINOR Clinical Trial


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